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Federal Judicial Center 2001 Annual Report

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21 pages
This report provides information on the activities of the Federal Judicial Center in 2001.
The Federal Judicial Center was created in 1967 to develop improved judicial administration in United States’ courts. The duties include providing orientation and continuing education for judges and staff of the Federal judicial system, conducting research on court operations and procedures, and sponsoring programs to promote judicial federalism, assist foreign judicial systems, and study Federal courts’ history. During 2001, the Center provided 985 educational programs for more than 48,000 Federal judge and court staff participants. These included educational programs broadcast on the Federal Judicial Television Network. Of these, 24 were live, interactive programs in which judges and court staff at courthouses around the country could speak directly with faculty in the broadcast studio. The Center completed 17 major research and evaluation projects, continued its work on other projects, and responded to many requests for short-term research assistance. Major research activities concerned civil litigation, criminal litigation, evidence, appellate litigation, and judicial resources. The Center published or updated 12 reports, manuals, monographs, or reference guides. It broadcast almost 2,000 hours of educational and informational programming from the Sentencing Commission, and the Administrative Office on the Federal Judicial Television Network. Nine curriculum packages and training guides were completed. Three computer-based instructional programs were released. More than 213,000 copies of its publications were distributed, including periodicals and catalogs of books, programs, and almost 3,000 audio, video, and multimedia programs. About 2,000 information requests from judges, court staff, and others were answered. The Center hosted seminars or briefings for 422 foreign judges and officials representing 34 countries.