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Federal Employee's Family Preparedness Guide (For the Washington, DC Area)

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Date Published
16 pages
This guide informs Federal employees about what to do before, during, and after an emergency; creating an emergency plan for their families; and preparing an emergency "go" kit.
The first section of the guide presents information on preparations to make before an emergency strikes. This involves the development of plans for handling various types of emergencies that may curtail or eliminate various utility services or make the family home uninhabitable. Family members must have detailed discussions about what to do under various sets of circumstances, including the separation of family members. A separate section of the guide lists the features and items of an emergency "go" kit. Items include water, nonperishable packaged or canned food, bedding, clothing, a first-aid kit, prescription medications, appropriate tools, and information pertinent to medical care. Separate sections of the guide pertain to knowing the emergency plans of the school system, the management of prescriptions, cooperation with neighbors, and the creation of an emergency kit for pets. Guidance for what to do after an emergency strikes pertains to emergencies that require confinement to the home or workplace, what to do if the power goes out, obtaining clean water, and evacuation. Details are provided on evacuation for downtown Washington, DC, on emergency event/evacuation routes. The guide details preparation for and responses to natural disasters, biological threats, chemical threats, and nuclear explosions and radiological contamination ("dirty" bombs). The concluding section of the guide lists some of the personal reactions (emotions and physical symptoms) that may result from an emergency and suggests ways of dealing constructively with them. Key telephone numbers for the Washington metropolitan area and a list of 5 additional resources