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Factors Distinguishing Sexual Murderers From Sexual Aggressors: A Multivariate Analysis (From Sexual Murderers: A Comparative Analysis and New Perspectives, P 87-97, 2005, Jean Proulx, Eric Beauregard, et al., eds. -- See NCJ-220255)

NCJ Number
Alexandre Nicole; Jean Proulx
Date Published
11 pages
The development of a predictive model of the escalation of sexual assault to sexual murder was based on an analysis of developmental, psychopathological, situational, and intentional variables, as well as variables related to criminal career.
The variable most strongly associated with sexual murder was the sum of inappropriate childhood and adolescent behaviors. The variable that described inappropriate behavior was the sum of variables such as angry temperament, rebellious attitudes, and dangerous behaviors. A propensity for violence existed in childhood and continued into adulthood. The victimization-scale score was strongly associated with the sum of inappropriate behaviors, which was in turn associated with a schizoid, avoidant, and dependent personality profile. Also, the presence of deviant fantasies was strongly associated with inappropriate behaviors and with schizoid, avoidant, or dependent personality profiles. A large number of inappropriate childhood and adolescent behaviors were associated with a greater likelihood of pre-crime anger and use of a weapon during the crime. The results also indicate that situational and intentional variables (pre-crime alcohol use, anger, victim resistance, and use of a weapon) were strongly associated with whether sexual assault evolved into sexual murder. The basic analytical strategy used was to include variables of particular theoretical interest and variables from analyses that distinguished between sexual aggressors against women and sexual murderers of women. 3 tables and appended study variables