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Evaluation of the Milwaukee Community Corrections Residential Centers: A Phase II Study of the New Program Model (The Responsibility Model Program, Implemented in 1981)

NCJ Number
N Troia
Date Published
90 pages
This study evaluates the program experiences and short-term outcomes of the new Responsibility Model Program of the Milwaukee Community Residential Center (Wisconsin), begun in 1981 to increase privileges of inmates within 6 months of release and to prepare them by individualized contracts and rewards for responsible behavior outside prison.
Offenders examined in the study spent at least 60 days in the center. Certain types fitted effectively into the program. The Community Residential Center social services staff continued to provide most of the direct services and purchase of services contracts, as did the security staff. The superintendents' offices and the parole agents were minimally involved in providing direct services. Only half the inmates saved money while at the centers. Only 2 completed educational programs, though 36 who had begun to study planned to continue upon release. Half had no home visits, and one-fourth only participated in family counseling. Women had a high rate of work release placements and very successful parole outcomes. Offenders spent twice as long in reception and half as long in specialized programs as had been originally planned. Rules violations decreased by 7.9 percent within the centers under the new program. Suggestions include improving contact between parole agent and offender while the offender is still in the center, planning educational objectives before the offender's arrival, and encouraging family contact. Finally, potentially dangerous offenders should not be sent to the centers. 21 tables and appendix showing resident program summary sheet for study. (Author summary modified)