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Evaluating Gun Policy: Effects on Crime and Violence

NCJ Number
Jens Ludwig, Philip J. Cook
Date Published
479 pages
This book presents a collection of papers from experts in the disciplines of economics, public policy, criminology, law, medicine, and public health offering insights about the consequences of different gun policy options for the public’s health and safety.
There is no lack of opinions on policies to regulate gun commerce, possession, and use with most policy proposals engendering intense controversy. This book, consisting of a collection of scholarly works in health, criminal justice, public policy, and economics, reports on original research that can help resolve conflicting assertions in the ongoing public debate about the effects of guns, gun control, and law enforcement. It will help in the development of an empirical base for effective gun policy. The book is divided into five parts. Part 1 focuses on the prevalence of guns with a special focus on guns and suicide and guns and burglary. Part 2, regulating gun ownership, addresses Australia’s massive buyback of low-risk guns and the impact of domestic violence firearm laws in disarming batterers. In Part 3, the book continues with an emphasis on restricting gun carrying and focusing on three areas: policing crime guns, prison sentence enhancements: the case of Project Exile, and the impact of concealed-carry laws. Part 4 discusses the facilitation of research through State and Federal gun laws and the trends for 1970 through 1999 and data on violent injury. The fifth and final part of the book addresses the policy process and the continuity and change in the American gun debate. The research in this book provides some guidance for a pragmatic approach to gun policy. The book supports the view that the goal of skilled and dispassionate analysis of the evidence is attainable, even in an area as contentious as firearm policy. Tables, figures, appendices, comments, and references


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