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Estimating for Less-Lethal with a Heads-Up Sight

NCJ Number
Law Enforcement Technology Volume: 30 Issue: 10 Dated: October 2003 Pages: 134,136,140
John Long
Date Published
October 2003
6 pages
This article describes new technology that increases the accuracy and simplifies the use of less-lethal weapons.
Law enforcement officers engage in regular and frequent firearm practice in order to stay proficient in the use of firearms. Regular and frequent practice at handling less-lethal weapons, on the other hand, rarely takes place. Generally, officers train and qualify on less-lethal weapons when their departments first obtain them, and then not again. As such, the author contends that law enforcement agencies must either increase training on less-lethal weapons or simplify the operation of less-lethal technology. Since the latter is more feasible and cost efficient, EOTech collaborated with law enforcement agencies and less-lethal manufacturers to create the HOLOgraphic sight technology. The HOLOgraphic sight automatically determines the subject’s range and adjusts for the trajectory. After a description of the technology, which can be used with Sage launchers and other less-lethal applications, the article details test results of the HOLOgraphic sight system. Using two officers with varying degrees of experience, tests were conducted firing less-lethal weapons at targets from different ranges and with and without the use of the HOLOgraphic sight technology. As expected, the HOLOgraphic sight greatly increased the accuracy of the less-lethal weapons.