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Effects of a Motivational Treatment Course on the Self-Concept and Work Value Structures of Trustee Inmates of a Maxium Security Prison

NCJ Number
T B Bechtel
Date Published
173 pages
This study investigated the effects of a Guides for Better Living (GFBL) course on the self-concepts and work values of maximum-security trustee inmates.
The Posttest-only Control Group Design was used with a treatment and a control group to assess significant differences after the treatment group had attended 12 class sessions of Guides for Better Living course training over a 6 week period. Subjects were 24 volunteers from the resident trustee population at a Tennessee penitentiary. Ten subjects were randomly assigned to each of the experimental and control groups. Four inmate coinstructors who had taken a week-long training seminar prior to the treatment program also participated. The treatment and coninstructor group attended 12 2-hour class sessions which were based upon the principles of the GFBL. At the end of the course a Work Values Inventory (WWI) and the Tennessee Self Concept Scale (TSCS) were administered to all participants. Analysis of test results indicated that the GFBL course was effective in modifying the self-concepts of the study subjects. Course time of 6 weeks was considered sufficient to produce some self-concept changes. The self-concepts of the experimental group approximated the profiles of the average citizen, and both groups indicated a high mean work value profile. Monetary rewards and values associated with them were considered important, and both groups favored an established work routine that was task oriented. Tabular data, a bibliography and numerous appendixs containing the study instruments and related materials, accompany the report.


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