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Drugs of Abuse and Addiction: Neurobehavioral Toxicology

NCJ Number
R. J. M. Niesink, R. M. A. Jaspers, L. M. W. Kornet, J. M. van Ree
Date Published
350 pages
In providing an introduction to substance abuse research, this book addresses the effects of drugs on the central and peripheral nervous system and the subsequent changes in behavior; essential information is provided for students in neurotoxicology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, and those professionally involved in the field of addiction problems.
Although the areas of addiction and neurobehavioral toxicology have been approached by various professional fields (pharmacology and social sciences versus industrial toxicology), both subjects are defined in this book in terms of chemically induced changes in behavior that can be studied by using similar experimental test designs and techniques; therefore, an integrated approach is used to treat the behavioral toxicological effects of psychoactive drugs. In discussing the behavioral effects of abused drugs, emphasis is placed on acute and chronic effects, reversible and irreversible consequences, functional disorders of the nervous system, neurobehavioral dysfunctions, the multi-sided aspects of addiction, and the underlying neurobiological mechanisms. The book deals with the entire range of addiction research in humans and animals, using a multidisciplinary approach to discuss all areas of the neuro- and behavioral sciences involved. Biological (physiological and biochemical), psychological, and social aspects of behavioral changes caused by drugs are reviewed. Also emphasized are the various factors that contribute to drug abuse and dependence; these encompass not only biological and medical factors, but also the social and psychological aspects of drug use. Chapters on epidemiology, diagnosis of drug abuse, and clinical perspectives are included, along with chapters on the use of medical and psychosocial therapy in the management and treatment of drug abuse. Chapter references, a glossary, a table of neuropsychological tests, a list of commonly used abbreviations, and a subject index


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