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Discrimination: Opposing Viewpoints

NCJ Number
M E Williams
Date Published
224 pages
This volume examines the causes of and possible solutions to discrimination.
The book is presented in four chapters, each of which contains opposing views on several aspects of discrimination. Chapter One discusses whether discrimination does/does not cause black poverty; women/men face significant discrimination; anti-immigration measures are discriminatory/necessary; and homosexuals do/do not face significant discrimination. Chapter Two discusses whether racism does/does not cause discrimination; integrated education fosters discrimination/equal opportunity; and a multiracial category would/would not lead to increased discrimination. Chapter Three examines whether affirmative action does/does not create reverse discrimination; white men do/do not face reverse discrimination; and political correctness either fosters reverse discrimination or is a conservative myth. Chapter Four discusses whether ending/retaining affirmative action would promote equal opportunity; diversity-training programs are productive/counter-productive; and multiculturalism can help end discrimination/discriminates against whites. Bibliographies, organizations to contact, index


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