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Dangerous Schools: What We Can Do About the Physical and Emotional Abuse of Our Children

NCJ Number
Irwin A. Hyman Ed.D.; Pamela A. Snook MSN
Date Published
276 pages
This book examines maltreatment of children in the name of discipline in schools throughout the country and proposes reform measures.
More than 50 percent of children will eventually experience some level of physical or emotional maltreatment at school. Paddling, verbal assaults, strip searches, massive drug screening, and confinement--all in the name of discipline--are perpetrated by school boards, administrators, teachers, coaches and other officials in schools throughout the country. The book claims that these incidents are not only emotionally and physically damaging to the students but, also undermine the very institution they claim to protect and distort students' understanding and belief in constitutional rights. The book's nine chapters explore physical and psychological maltreatment in the classroom; attacks on children's sense of justice and democracy; drugs, dogs and discipline--double messages in the schoolhouse; morality, sex and censorship; toxic punishments, laws and litigation; and what parents can do if their child is maltreated in school. Resources, references, index