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Crisis Intervention - A Manual for Child Protective Workers

NCJ Number
R Borgman; M Edmunds; R A MacDicken
Date Published
46 pages
The manual presents principles and techniques of crisis intervention in cases where child abuse or neglect may be occurring. It is directed primarily toward child protective service personnel and focuses on methods of dealing with parents while conducting home visits to assess a child's safety.
The manual gives an overview of crisis intervention, including its goals, the characteristics of crises, varieties of crisis events, the impact of crisis events on those experiencing them, and points to remember regarding interviewing techniques in crisis situations. Additional guidance is offered on assessing persons in crisis and their problems. The assessment process discussed contains six elements: establishment of the initial contact, determination of what happened to precipitate the crisis, observation of the conditions or circumstances which exist at the time of the contact, assessment of the nature of probable subsequent events, identification of the psychological state of the persons involved and clarification of feelings, and initial decisionmaking regarding the potential for change or help to take place. In addition, suggestions are made for providing initial support and assistance to families in crisis and for linking the crisis intervention to the provision of future assistance. The report recommends the following crisis intervention techniques for workers engaged in interviewing parents suspected of abuse or neglect: maintain a neutral attitude about the alleged maltreatment, be reassuring and supportive, and keep the focus on the welfare of the children and parents. Further, the worker should identify appropriate community resources which could be of assistance to troubled families. Eight references and a list of regional child abuse and neglect resource centers are appended.