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Criminology Web Sites: An Annotated "Webliography"

NCJ Number
Searcher Volume: 11 Issue: 8 Dated: September 2003 Pages: 1-9
Kenneth Fink
Date Published
September 2003
9 pages
This paper lists the addresses and summarizes the content of Web sites devoted to various aspects of criminology, defined as "the study of crime, criminal behavior, and its prevention."
In introducing "government" Web sites, the paper notes that governments around the world have built criminology Web sites devoted to providing not only statistical and social analyses of criminality, but also sites that advise citizens on how to avoid being victimized. Many agencies of the U.S. Government have developed Web sites that examine most types of criminal activity. In addition to Web sites sponsored by various U.S. Government agencies, the paper includes Web sites created by the United Nations, the British Society of Criminology, and a commercial Web site that contains valuable information for computer security consultants and individuals or companies concerned with security for their computer systems. Another category of Web sites described consists of those created by professional associations, schools, and journals of criminology. A separate category of Web sites describes those sponsored by universities and "think tanks." A separate listing is also provided for Sage Publications, which has its own list of criminology journals. A subscription to the collection includes electronic access to all 15 journals. Other categories of listings are databases and indices, as well as crime prevention. 7 footnotes