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Criminal Statistics - Crime Investigated by the Police, 1978

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95 pages
These statistical tables provide information on crimes investigated by police in Norway during 1978 and recidivism among persons charged with crimes in 1975.
Since the statistics are based on reports of cases in which investigations were closed, data on total crimes committed are not included. Information on crimes by type of offense, police district, place and year of offense, number of accessories, police decisions and recommendations, and the number of charges and persons charged is included. In addition, data on the recovery of stolen property are presented. In summary, police closed investigations on 105,000 crimes, an increase of about 14 percent from 1977. Property damage offenses and larcenies accounted for a large part of this increase. About 80,000 (75 percent) of the crimes investigated were larcenies: 41,000 aggravated larcenies, 28,000 simple larcenies, and 11,000 motor vehicle thefts. About 65.5 percent of the crimes investigated were dropped because the offender was unknown and 9.5 percent because of the state of the evidence. Cases solved totaled 25 percent. The police prepared about 32,000 charges: 73 percent involved trial or ticket fines, and prosecution was suspended for 14 percent and dropped for 13 percent. The total number of persons charged was 12,891. Of these, 36 percent were charged for more than one crime, and almost 56 percent of those charged were under 21 years of age. The 15-to 19-year-old age group had the highest rate charges. Recidivism continued to rise; about 39 percent of those charged in 1975 were charged again by the end of 1978. Recidivism was most frequent in those groups aged 10 to 13 and aged 14 to 17. An appendix contains descriptions of offenses. A list of Central Bureau of Statistics publications and a Norwegian translation are included.


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