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Criminal Recidivism Process

NCJ Number
E Zamble; V L Quinsey
Date Published
191 pages
This book describes a large-scale retrospective study of the psychological antecedents of criminal recidivism.
The study proceeded from the perspective that criminal actions are the result of ongoing psychological processes, and can be better understood in this context. Interviews and tests on more than 300 men newly returned to prison looked at their problems, emotions, thoughts and behavior prior to reoffending. Results showed a broad range of differences between the recidivists and a comparison group of ex-offenders surviving in the community. Moreover, the antecedents for recidivism differed according to the type of new offense, indicating how experiential and environmental details may direct the course of recidivism. The results have substantial implications for release supervision, rehabilitation programs and the prediction of recidivism, as well as for the theoretical understanding of predatory crime. The book includes comparisons of recidivists with nonrecidivists and comparisons across and within offender groups. Notes, figures, tables, references, appendix, index


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