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Criminal Justice Legislation Review - State of Georgia 1983 General Assembly

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Date Published
109 pages
This review provides summary descriptions of Georgia's 1983 legislation which impacts the structure and operation of its criminal justice system.
For each major piece of legislation, the review format covers the legislation's background, purposes, content, and how if affects a particular facet of the criminal justice system. The bills reviewed pertain to corrections (11 bills), courts (22 bills), crimes and punishment (11 bills), law enforcement (3 bills), motor vehicle laws (6 bills), and miscellaneous criminal justice issues (26 bills). The bills are classified according to their origination in the house or senate. House and senate resolutions are also included, and legislation of local interest is listed in numerical order by the originating chamber, along with the title of the act. Because of the local rather than statewide impact of this legislation, no analysis is provided. Bills having general impact on the various criminal justice personnel retirement funds are listed in a separate section.