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Crime Prevention - Concepts and Strategies

NCJ Number
Schriftenreihe der Polizei-Fuehrungsakademie Issue: 2 Dated: (1980) Pages: 114-128
J Brown
Date Published
15 pages
Basic strategies for preventing crime in England are discussed.
Crime rates throughout Europe have risen rapidly since 1954, especially for violent crimes. In response, the English police have sought to increase professional efficiency by improving organizational structure and technology. As a consequence, conflict has arisen between advocates of specialized units and supporters of police generalists, and the gap between administrators and officers has widened in practice. Underlying the problems is a conflict between the police functions of law enforcement and of provision of social services. Police work at present has become so crisis-oriented that the importance of direct contact with individuals in the community has been obscured and police capability to control crime inhibited. The most promising police strategy is to improve the police relationship with social service agencies and with the public through school and church visits, community action programs, and community policing projects. Further new strategies for multidisciplinary crime prevention will evolve from close contacts between police and organizations such as social welfare agencies, insurance companies, and community groups. Development of practical concepts and models hinges on creative interaction of academics with experienced police officers. It is particularly important that the statistical method for assessing program effectiveness be deemphasized. Better understanding of common problems on a international level can be promoted through police exchange programs and by interdisciplinary long-term research on prevention in a number of European countries. Finally, a new equilibrium must be established between reactive and preventive approaches. A list of practically oriented research projects in progress at Cranfield Institute and notes are furnished. --German.