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Before Conflict: Preventing Aggressive Behavior

NCJ Number
John D. Byrnes
Date Published
240 pages
This book presents a systematic, comprehensive aggression prevention methodology.
This book describes a new and innovative way to deal with aggression. Violence generates a reactive response to a problem requiring a preventive approach. How an aggressor will act is explored along with how a potential victim will respond. The Arts of Aggression Management is based on the premise that aggression is a progressive continuum. Physical violence is described as a climactic eruption of a convergence of many factors--physiological, emotional, and temporal forces within and beyond the violent individual. Aggression Managers are individuals that manage aggression in others and themselves. Chapter 1 describes aggression as a social epidemic. Chapter 2 details the nature of aggression. Chapter 3 details the Arts of Aggression Management. Chapter 4 describes the Art of Persuasion and understanding aggression’s effects on communication. Chapter 5 presents strategies for pacing the aggressor. Chapter 6 discusses verbal persuasion in pacing the aggressor. Chapter 7 describes non-verbal persuasion in pacing the aggressor. Chapter 8 describes the Art of Safe Escape. Chapter 9 discusses protecting children in school. Chapter 10 describes how to prevent aggression in healthcare. Chapter 11 describes aggression in public agencies and the myth of “going postal.” Chapter 12 presents suggestions on how law enforcement can prevent crime. Chapter 13 describes managing aggression in the retail food service industry. Chapter 14 discusses identifying terrorists before they commit an act. Chapter 15 discusses the effects of aggression on productivity and the cost involved, and chapter 16 describes the applications for Aggression Management solutions. Glossary, bibliography


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