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Complete Polygraph Handbook

NCJ Number
S Abrams
Date Published
270 pages
This text explains how to administer and evaluate polygraph tests and discusses current developments and viewpoints on the subject.
Individual chapters examine the history of polygraphy, the role of other techniques used to determine when someone is lying, and the psychophysiologic bases of polygraphy. Additional chapters describe the polygraph instrument and the polygraph suite and detail test procedures, including information gathering, the pretest phase, testing techniques, scoring, and the posttest phase. They also describe psychiatric categories, showing how to evaluate subjects' mental states and how to determine who can and who cannot be tested. Further chapters present current research on validity and reliability, explain how to develop a polygraph program for persons on probation and parole, describe sexual deviates who are likely to be tested, examine the legal status of the polygraph, and discuss courtroom techniques for the expert witness. Figures, tables, appended forms, chapter reference notes, glossary, and index.