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Competence in Police Work

NCJ Number
Internal Security Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Dated: 2010 Pages: 193-200
Grzegorz Olszewski
Date Published
8 pages
This article discusses the need for maintaining professional competence in police departments.
Human resources management today stands on qualifications and competence. Those have become proven tools in managing staff in various commercial and non-profit organizations. Competences of the Police Officer are defined in this paper basing on the specialist literature on the subject. Assuming that the starting point is professional competence of the Police Officer as an employee, the study acknowledged that competence is specific to circumstances and organizational environment. It is also particular to a person and adaptable in changing situations. Defining competences of the Police Officer the author takes into consideration domestic and international research on the subject, its goals and methodology, nature of the police work and own professional experience. He asserts that competence is the flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances by applying knowledge, experience, skills, personality, attitude and behavior of the Police Officer, all focused on the effective performance. The author assumes that model competence of the Police Officer is a set of key competences indispensable for the effective performance of the Police Officer. The list of key competences may be a foundation for the competence structure of a ground level police unit. The structure, which should encompass all positions in the examined groups, may in turn become a basis for creating job descriptions. Thus, competences required for a particular position become requirements for the Police Officer filling it. The comparison of the desired competences, drawn from the list of key competences, with the actual competences of the Police Officers may mark out directions for training and professional development. (Published Abstract)