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Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings in California

NCJ Number
Sue Burrell, Rourke F. Stacy
Date Published
157 pages
This handbook provides juvenile delinquency defense counsel and others who work with young people in the system, information to better understand the potential impact of juvenile cases on affected children's future educational, vocational, and financial aspirations.
The juvenile court was originally designed to provide confidential proceedings that would not follow the youth into adulthood; protections against public disclosure have since been substantially eroded. The list of charges whose prosecution is open to the public is extensive. Youth who have petitions sustained for specified offenses may no longer seal their record. These changes present serious challenges for youth attempting to move ahead in their adult lives. Although the court must inform the youth of direct results such as maximum confinement time, probation conditions, and restitution, the required colloquy fails to inform youth and their families about many additional collateral consequences that may flow from juvenile court involvement. This handbook provides information on the consequences and barriers children may face as a result of juvenile court intervention through disclosure of juvenile court records. Information is provided on consequences of juvenile court involvement to courts, probation officers, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, school officials, parents, and others who are involved in referring children or processing them through the delinquency court system. This handbook also provides information designed to help counsel and youth make informed decisions about how to handle specific situations where the need for disclosure of prior juvenile court involvement may arise.