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Child Sexual Abuse in Idaho: The Problem, Its Impact, and a Perspective for Change

NCJ Number
D Boynton
Date Published
43 pages
After reviewing the problem of child sexual abuse nationwide and in Idaho, this study analyzes Idaho's current structure for responding to the problem and offers recommendations for improving the State's response.

Statistics for Idaho and the Nation show a sharp increase in the number of complaints and reports of child sexual abuse, with some studies indicating a sharp increase in incidence as well. The problem is thus pervasive. This study discusses perpetrator profiles and factors leading to child sexual abuse. Regarding Idaho's response to the problem, there is no interagency, interdisciplinary child protective work force, and existing legislation fails in a number of areas to provide a legal framework that would aid prosecutors and courts in protecting children at risk and child victims. There are no statewide resources for the treatment of child sexual abuse victims and no statewide policy for interagency cooperation among police, health and welfare, school officials, and prosecutor offices. The sentencing of the child sexual abuse offender is disproportionate to the offense, and no comprehensive program for offender treatment exists. Major themes in recommendations are the creation of multidisciplinary teams, the hiring of trained professionals to work on child sexual abuse cases, and the development of appropriate legislation. 34 references, resource listing.