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NCJ Number
C Roberson
Date Published
157 pages
This text is intended to provide a comprehensive review of California law, aid students in understanding what conduct constitutes criminal behavior, and provide a reference for criminal justice system administrators who are not lawyers.
Individual chapters explain the purpose and sources of law, the nature of law, the classification of crimes, and the role of corpus delicti and capacity. Further chapters detail the nature and types of theft offenses, burglary, arson, vandalism, disorderly conduct, assault and battery, homicide, rape and other sex offenses, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, false impressionment, crimes against public decency, forgery, counterfeiting, check fraud, and drug law offenses. Additional sections explain the laws of arrest and the roles of appellate court decisions, United States Supreme Court decisions, California Supreme Court decisions, statutory law, city and county ordinances, and the victims bill of rights. Excerpts from the texts of laws, index, and table of cases