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Bullet-Resistant Vest SeriesFit, Care, Wear, Prepare: Episode 3Care and Wear

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2018
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This 3:33-minute video, which is part of the "Roll Call Training" set of videos, is the third in a series of four videos on "Fit, Care, Wear, Prepare" related to law enforcement officers' proper use, wearing, inspection, and care of bullet-resistant vests.
The standard introductory instruction for all videos in this series is that all law enforcement officers should wear their bullet-resistant vests from the beginning to the end of each shift. This is because bullet-resistant vests have increased the chance that an officer will survive a firearms attack, which can come at any time an officer is performing her/his duties. The format for the video is a narrator providing instructive advice on an officer's proper maintenance and storage of her/his vest, with officers in the "Safety Squad" providing illustrations, sometimes humorously, of the narrator's instruction. Officers are advised to check their vests regularly for tears, separation in stitching, and other signs that the vest is not meeting the highest standard of protection. When a vest is damaged, the manufacturer should be contacted to determine whether a repair can be done. It is also important to clean a vest regularly with soap and water, drying it without excessive heat. When not in use, vests should be stored in a protected, dry space without any object touching the vest.