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Art of Prosecution

NCJ Number
John Bugliosi Esq.
Date Published
382 pages
Based on the author's knowledge and insight gained through his experience as a New York prosecutor, this book provides detailed guidance on all phases of the prosecutor's role, functions, and tasks in preparing for and conducting a criminal trial.
The first chapter discusses why the following attributes are required to be an effective prosecutor: credibility, intelligence, diligence, self-sufficiency, and the ability to convince others of the logic of one's views. The second chapter addresses the tasks related to case preparation. Topics covered are the initial file review, ordering the "routine prep," a comprehensive file review, interviewing all witnesses, ordering the "comprehensive prep," preparing the "thinking work," preparing the witnesses for trial, and tips for managing a large caseload. Chapter 3 focuses on preparing for and conducting the selection of jurors, followed by a chapter on the purpose, preparation, and delivery of the opening statement at trial. A chapter on conducting the direct examination of witnesses considers structure, preparation, and execution of the direct examination of witnesses. This is followed by a chapter on how to prepare for and conduct the cross-examination of defense witnesses. The book concludes with a chapter on the preparation and persuasive features of the summation. A sample summation is provided. A subject index is included.