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NCJ Number
A F Pendleton
Date Published
166 pages
This compilation of training materials, developed for use by the Anoka County, Minnesota, Attorney's Office, focuses on arrests, assaults, bias, confessions and interrogations, criminal sexual conduct, criminal vehicular operation, domestic abuse, DNA, driving while intoxicated, entrapment, evidence, guilty pleas, impeachment, jury selection, right to counsel, search and seizure, sentencing, stop and frisk, subpoenas, and warrants.
The materials specifically deal with the use of videotape simulations at trial, circumstances under which a suspect can be interrogated following request for counsel, warrantless removal of blood from suspects, hearsay, the use of coerced confessions at trial, U.S. Supreme Court clarification of Miranda, and the felony murder rule. In addition, the materials cover crimes motivated by bias, impeachment evidence, opinion testimony in the case of rape, rape shield laws, telephonic search warrants, warrantless entry and the emergency exception, newly discovered evidence as the basis for a new trial, assaults and voluntary intoxication, arrest warrants, the admissibility of dog tracking evidence, and expert testimony. Finally, the materials focus on motor vehicle investigatory stops, implied consent and right to counsel, public safety and rescue exceptions to Miranda, search of motor vehicles incident to lawful arrest, loud parties and warrantless entry into private residences, limited investigative stops, the interrogation of suspects in custody, and protection orders.


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