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Analysis of Idaho's Kootenai County DUI Court: An Alcohol Treatment Program for Persons Arrested for Their Second DUI Offense or BAC of 0.20 percent or Higher

NCJ Number
Alfred Crancer
Date Published
December 2003
10 pages
This report presents an analysis of Kootenai County, ID's DUI (driving under the influence) court.
Findings from the evaluation of Kootenai County, ID's DUI court show that to date, the program has a success rate of 70 percent, with 46 of the 66 participants completing the program. Of the 46 graduates, 4 percent have had another DUI, compared to 25 percent of those in the group that did not complete the program. Of the 35 persons currently in the program, none have been arrested or charged with another DUI. This report presents the analysis of the success of Kootenai County, ID's DUI court. The DUI court is a 1-year alcohol treatment program for persons arrested for their second DUI offense within a 5-year period or those arrested with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.2 percent or higher. DUI offenders are screened to determine their eligibility for the program and the extent of their alcohol problem. The program provides extensive probation supervision both in the offender's home and in the office. Benefits from completing the program include a possible reduction in charges, suspension of jail sentences and fines, reduced suspension times, and reduced ignition interlock requirements. The evaluation of the program indicates that it has been very successful at reducing DUI driving and bringing about an alcohol-free lifestyle for participants. As a result of this success, the program has received 100 percent funding from the county. Tables