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American Law Source Book for the Classroom Teacher

NCJ Number
P J Brown; J A Snyder; R N Bryson
Date Published
113 pages
This is a sourcebook of American law, specifically the Bill of Rights, which can be used by a secondary teacher on a unit or subject basis for any relevant part of a traditional curriculum.
The first section addresses the first amendment (freedom of religion, speech, assembly, expression, and the press), the fourth amendment (search and seizure), the fifth amendment (privilege against self-incrimination, the right to just compensation), the sixth amendment (right to a fair trial and the right to counsel), and the eighth amendment (cruel and unusual punishment). The second section covers the 14th amendment (discrimination, freedom of personal choice, due process and the rights of youth, and due process and the rights of the consumer). Leading cases in major areas of the law are summarized for analysis and discussion by the students. Where possible, cases with contrasting results are placed side by side. Following each section of cases, discussion questions, a summary of the court decision, commentary on the historical background, principles governing the area of the law, and a list of relevant cases are presented. One chapter covers instructional methods. Glossary, 21-item bibliography.