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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome): Principles, Practices, and Politics

NCJ Number
I B Corless, M Pittman-Lindeman
Date Published
252 pages
These 19 articles present an overview of the history and epidemiology of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); the health, social, and political responses to the epidemic; and practical strategies and programs to combat the disease.
Individual papers summarize the nature of the virus, its transmission, the signs of AIDS infection, and treatment. They also examine its impact on patients, family, and society. Additional papers examine policy alternatives for controlling the epidemic, psychosocial considerations in the treatment of AIDS, factors to consider in choosing medical and alternative therapies, and the role of hospice and other supportive care for AIDS patients. Further articles examine issues related to AIDS in women, children, and intravenous drug users and discuss the ways that public school systems have addressed the issue of AIDS among students and professional staff. The impact of AIDS on the gay political agenda, educational programs targeted at individuals known to be infected or at risk, and societal and care givers' attitudes toward AIDS are also examined. Chapter reference lists and index. For individual chapters, see NCJ 110858-110866.


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