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5 Facts about V.O.I.C.E.

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This report outlines the goals and findings of the Texas VOICE survey, i.e., the Victim Services, Occupation, Information, and Compensation Experiences (VOICE) Survey. 


The VOICE Survey was developed and conducted by the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, which is part of the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. The goal of the VOICE Survey was to learn more about the occupational experiences of Texas social workers whose occupational tasks include providing services to victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). Survey findings are intended to provide guidance for Texas agencies and organizations in improving the working conditions of these social workers. The survey found that low levels of job satisfaction and thoughts of quitting the job were related to high levels of burnout, lower salary, dissatisfaction with their supervision, and secondary traumatic stress.  This report suggests strategies for increasing job satisfaction and retention. These include improving paid and unpaid leave from work, fostering a supportive community at work, experiencing satisfaction in work activities, the development of skills for coping with work-related stress, and having a balanced workload. The survey also found that the following factors fostered resiliency in positive work attitudes: positive relationships, use of effective coping skills, having some control over work activities, and performing work that matches personal values. Online access is provided to additional information on the VOICE Survey.