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00964 Reporting Criminal Victimization in Cleveland (OH), 1971-1972 - A Report

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321 pages
This report presents a description and discussion of a victimization survey conducted in Cleveland, Ohio in 1971-72, which was intended to depict the extent of crime in the city and to allow for comparisons across cities.
It presents an overview of Cleveland, explaining the city's diversity, history, and demographic composition, both during the 1972 survey period and more recently. The report reviews the criminal justice agencies operating in Cleveland and presents the survey results, including a description of the data collection procedures. The differential rates of victimization and of nonreporting are analyzed in view of the selected demographic variables; these rates are also compared with other similar surveys and with baseline Cleveland Police Department data. Conclusions emphasize neighborhood differences and the heterogeneity of Cleveland and pay special attention to those factors which have been identified as affecting crime rates (i.e., number of police, patrol practices, and swiftness of adjudication). Findings indicate that crime rates in Cleveland are lower than those of other large urban areas. Although most citizens fear crime, a Clevelander's likelihood of being the victim of a serious personal crime is less than 1 in 20. Finally, firearms play a growing role in personal crime; weapons are found to play a part in 46.8 percent of all personal crime incidents. Crime categories are appended, and over 90 references, footnotes, tabular and statistical data, and maps are included.