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Community Centered Evaluation

Dr. Caterina Roman, Temple University; Dr. Barbara Israel, University of Michigan; Roseanna Ander, University of Chicago Crime Lab; Eduardo (Eddie) Bocanegra, Heartland Alliance READI Chicago

During Part 4 of the Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Webinar Series, leading experts in program evaluation discuss partnerships and evaluation, including process and outcome evaluations, and ways to partner on evaluation in order to understand whether CVIs are working to reduce community violence. The webinar also covers the benefits of Community-Based Participatory Research, a community-centered strategy that involves partnering with a researcher in an iterative process of program development and improvement. The webinar includes information about a wide range of research and evaluation tools and resources for practitioners. This webinar features presentations and a discussion from Dr. Caterina Roman from Temple University, Dr. Barbara Israel from the University of Michigan, Roseanna Ander from the University of Chicago Crime Lab, and Eduardo (Eddie) Bocanegra from Heartland Alliance READI Chicago.

Date Published: October 12, 2021