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Youth Gangs in America: An Overview of Suppression, Intervention, and Prevention Programs

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March 1997
25 pages
Publication Series
This videotape presents a March 1997 satellite teleconference sponsored by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and focusing on juvenile gangs and gang suppression, intervention, and prevention programs.
The conference was designed to share promising program strategies related to gangs, promote the gang-related initiatives of OJJDP, and provide viewers the opportunity to interact with experts and local project directors. Program panelists included the OJJDP administrator, law enforcement officials, representatives of the Boys and Girls Club of America, the director of a community-wide approach to gang prevention, and the director of the National Youth Gang Center of the Institute for Governmental Research. They discussed gang issues and responded to questions and comments from callers. An overview noted the increase and spread of gangs and the relationship between youth gangs, violence, and criminal activity. Research and development sponsored by OJJDP has suggested the need for the following coordinated strategies: community mobilization, social and economic opportunities, social intervention, gang suppression, and organization development. The videotape presented three promising programs: Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) in Phoenix, the Comin' Up Program sponsored by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in Fort Worth, Tex., and the Little Village Gang Violence Reduction Project in Chicago. Agenda, evaluation form, and list of 16 resource materials available from the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse and other sources

Date Published: March 1, 1997