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What's Known and Unknown about Marijuana (Part One)

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January 2024

This podcast episode presents a discussion of some foundational information surrounding the criminal justice aspect of marijuana and other, related substances.


This Justice Today Podcast discusses various issues and questions facing researchers about marijuana, from a criminal justice standpoint. Marijuana poses many challenges for researchers, law enforcement, and policy makers, challenges that fall into two fields: drug chemistry and toxicology. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) scientist, Dr. Frances Scott, joins host, Josh Mondoro, in this episode to explain the complications in drug chemistry and how difficulties defining marijuana lead to backlogs in crime labs around the country. This episode is the first part of two; it provides background information regarding the drug chemistry and toxicology of marijuana and hemp, including definitions of various terms and agricultural bills that have affected the legal aspects of those products, their uses, and their variants and derivatives.

Date Published: January 1, 2024