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What should advocates know?

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Date Published
July 2021

This brief instructional video advises service providers who work with victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) about the issue of stalking and the priority it is given in such cases. 


The video advises that stalking by an abusive partner often occurs while the intimate partners are still living together. This occurs when the abuser follows and monitors the activities of the victim outside of the shared housing. Although stalking may be a significant issue while the partners are still living together, it generally does not become the concern of victim advocates until the victim and abuser are no longer living together and a restraining order limiting contact or proximity between the partners is involved. Stalking then becomes a central issue in the victimization. The video advises that stalking should be treated as a significant issue in intimate partner victimization whether or not the victim and abuser are living in the same housing. The involvement of law enforcement in stalking, however, may not occur until separation occurs or a restraining order is in place. At this stage of intimate partner victimization, victim advocates should be familiar with how the criminal justice system of the particular jurisdiction generally handles stalking cases.

Date Published: July 22, 2021