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We Need You to Become Experts in the Post-Conviction Polygraph

NCJ Number
Polygraph Volume: 29 Issue: 1 Dated: 2000 Pages: 44-62
Date Published
19 pages
This article addresses the need for trained, experienced sex offender polygraph examiners to improve the risk management of convicted sex offenders.
The effects on victims of sexual assault are often brutal and long-lasting. The fundamental need for safety by the victim and the larger community is a key reason that sex offender risk management must be undertaken by highly trained and skilled professionals. Sex offenders carefully plan their crimes, and polygraph examiners can play an important role in eliciting and verifying high-risk and precursor behaviors, thereby preventing further victimization. The article describes the containment approach for managing adult sex offenders. The approach has five parts: (1) a victim-centered philosophy; (2) multi-disciplinary coordination, job specialization, ongoing training; (3) risk management strategies, including post-conviction polygraph exams, specialized treatment, criminal justice supervision; (4) informed, consistent and written public policy, agency protocols; and (5) research and quality control measures for each aspect of the program. Notes, figures, tables, references

Date Published: January 1, 2000