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Video: Evidence-Based Practices and Strategies: Risk Terrain Modeling

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March 2020
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In this 3:29-minute video, Captain Jonas Baughman of the Kansas City Police Department (Missouri) discusses the features of "risk terrain modeling" and the results he has observed from using it.
He defines risk terrain modeling as a "spatial diagnosis technique where we try and put a lot of environmental risk factors, as they are called, on a map." He further defines "risk factors" as the features of any landscape, neighborhood, or city. The identified risk factors are then mapped to a location where they are concentrated. Captain Baughman discusses the deployment of risk terrain modeling in his own agency. It has 12 focus areas that have targeted violent crime. All of these areas have experienced reductions in the target crimes of homicide, aggravated assault, and armed robbery. Crime prevention strategies have enlisted business owners, community groups, and social workers. Thus, various community-based groups and professionals have provided input on crime causes and crime prevention.

Date Published: March 1, 2020