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VEMOS (Visual Explorer for Metrics of Similarity)

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Date Published
September 2020

This report profiles the features of VEMOS (Visual Explorer for Metrics of Similarity), which is a Python package that provides a graphical user interface for exploring and evaluating distance metrics.



VEMOS consists of two interconnected interfaces, the Visual Metric Analyzer and the Data Record Browser. The Data Record Browser enables closer examination of the details of individual data records, including matches to other data records. The Metric Analyzer focuses on a broader exploration and analysis of the data set and the distance metrices, relating data visualizations back to individual records. Most existing packages for testing metrics do not link the analyses back to the original data records, which is critical for identifying outliers, clusters, or trends in a metric’s performance. VEMOS provides analyses for exploring, evaluating, and comparing distance metrics while linking performance back to individual data records. With a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), VEMOS makes it intuitive to follow the connections between data records and distance scores for both broad analyses and in-depth evaluations of subsets of interest. It seamlessly integrates both data set exploration and distance metric evaluation and experimentation.


Date Published: September 1, 2020