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VAWA — Celebrating 15 Years and Moving Forward Together - Plenary Panel From the 2010 NIJ Conference

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June 2010
16 pages
This video and its transcript from the 2010 NIJ Conference contains five plenary presentations on achievements under the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) over the 15 years since its enactment, as well as its goals for the future.
One presentation notes that overall, VAWA, which was passed in 1994, precipitated and has guided change in the ways the criminal justice system responds to women victims of violence in any form, particularly domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This plenary presentation reviews the research funding structure on violence against women mandated under VAWA as well as the State planning process for addressing violence against women through State laws and policies. In addition to funding for research VAWA also stimulated funding for transitional housing for women victims of domestic violence, as well as shelters, hotlines, and legal assistance for female victims of violence. A second presentation focuses on the VAWA emphasis on coordinated community responses to violence against women, which has not only created a greater awareness of the prevalence and nature of violence against women, but has also marshaled the resources of multiple public and private agencies in preventing and mitigating the effects of violence against women. A presentation by a Minnesota State legislator focuses on ways in which VAWA has enabled and guided that State's response to violence against women, Another presentation addresses a woman's experience of domestic violence and the response of various community services to her victimization prior to changes under VAWA, as well as how VAWA has changed the volume and features of these services. A presentation by a police officer recounts the changes he has seen as a law enforcement officer since VAWA was passed.

Date Published: June 1, 2010