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Valor Program Launches eLearning Portal

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Techbeat Dated: March 2017 Pages: 2-6
Date Published
March 2017
5 pages
This article in TECHBeat, March 2017, describes a recently launched online suite of training programs that inform officers on up-to-date tactics, skills, and strategies for safely performing various officer duties under various conditions.

VALOR focuses on the continuing update of training material based on research and the analysis of current events and emerging issues and trends. The training does not consist of only one program; rather it is a suite of programs, with each focusing on a facet of officer safety. Among the topics addressed in the training material are recognizing indicators of dangerous situations, applying de-escalation techniques, implementing casualty care, and rescue tactics. Using podcasts, in-person instruction, and online programs, VALOR for Blue provides free training aimed at helping prevent violence against law enforcement officers and improving their safety, wellness, and resiliency. Law enforcement agencies can sign up for access to sensitive resources that focus on tactics and strategies not intended to be accessible to the general public. The VALOR Program is also exploring the possibility of granting automatic access to law enforcement professionals already vetted for sensitive information through other avenues, such as the FBI or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The goal is to work toward single sign-on capability.

Date Published: March 1, 2017