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Understanding Crime Victimization Among College Students

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This study reports on victimization experiences of college students.


This victimization survey reports on: (1) the prevalence of crime victimization on and off campus; (2) factors that increase the risk of victimization; (3) the extent to which students report victimization; (4) characteristics of offenders as reported by student victims; and (5) the levels of fear of crime on campus. The survey was conducted by telephone in the spring of 1994, and involved 3,472 students attending 12 higher educational institutions. Sixty-three percent of students interviewed had not been victims of any crime during the period of the study. Factors relating to students lifestyles did not play a role in increasing the probability of victimization, with the exception of off-campus personal theft. Only about 29 percent of all victimizations were reported to any police agency. Most offenders were white, strangers and non-students. Students had relatively low levels of fear of victimization and perceived risk of victimization. Tables, figure

Date Published: January 1, 1995