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Tribal Justice Probation System Review Guidebook

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2019
45 pages
This Guidebook first explains the legislative and historic background for the Tribal Justice Probation System Review under the guidance of the RFK National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice, and then the Guidebook provides the logistics for tribal jurisdictions in conducting a probation system review.
The probation system review involves an assessment of probation practices to ensure that policies and procedures are based in evidence-based practices. In addition to policies and procedures, the review focuses on staff training, departmental management, and supervision of probationers. The best practices addressed in the review include risk-needs responsivity assessment protocol; integration of trauma-informed practices; implementation of effective tribal culture, family, and community engagement; and the implementation of evidence-based and promising programs and services. The Guidebook provides advice on the development of a probation system review team and design of the work plan for the review, as well as the implementation of review recommendations.

Date Published: April 1, 2019