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Tribal Consultation on the Recommendations for Federal Support to Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition Under Executive Order #13688

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Date Published
September 2015
4 pages
After reviewing the background for President Obama's issuing of Executive Order No. 13699, "Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition," this report presents material intended to prepare representatives of Tribal law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for a consultation with a Federal Working Group responsible for soliciting input from LEAs regarding the implementation of Executive Order No. 13699.
For decades, the Federal Government has provided Tribal, State, and local LEAs with funding and equipment for use in various LEA operations. Over the last several years, however, community members, LEA leaders, civil rights advocates, and elected leaders have expressed concern about what has been described as the "militarization" of law enforcement due to the types of equipment supplied by the Federal Government and the way LEAs have used this equipment to suppress protests they perceive as threats to public safety. This concern led to the issuing of Executive Order No. 13688, which calls for more consultation and coordination between Federal agencies and LEAs regarding the types and uses of the equipment that Tribal, State, and local LEAs receive from the Federal Government, as well as the training received for the use of that equipment. In furthering this objective, the current report poses equipment-related questions for Tribal LEAs to consider prior to a consultation planned with a Federal Working Group at a conference to be held by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI). This report also presents recommendations of the Federal Working Group regarding the implementation of Executive Order 13688 for consideration by Tribal LEA representatives prior to the consultation.

Date Published: September 1, 2015