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Through-Wall Surveillance for Locating Individuals Within Buildings: Final Scientific and Technical Report

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2008
17 pages
This report presents data on a acoustic-sonar based motion sensor.
Law Enforcement personnel need a portable device that is able to sense individuals moving within buildings. Existing Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Radio-Wave radar technology cannot penetrate solid metal walls. Therefore, continuing the work from the study of sound through walls, Time Domain Corporation (TDC) developed an acoustic-sonar based motion sensor platform, which is able to sense motion of individuals through walls, including those made of metal. Adding TDC's previously developed UWB mono-static motion-sensing radar, which is based on TDC's existing radio hardware/software P210 device, enhanced this platform by being able to work through otherwise acoustically dead, non-metallic walls. The fusion of these two technologies provides sensing coverage that was previously unavailable than from either one alone. As a result of the new fused system, it should be possible to detect individuals in hiding behind walls or in shipping containers lessening the exposure of Law Enforcement personnel to danger. 9 figures, appendix, and 1 reference (Author Abstract)

Date Published: August 1, 2008