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Technical Working Group on Violent Victimization Research, December 2-3, 2014

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December 2014
46 pages
This is the report on the proceedings of the meeting of the Technical Working Group on Violent Victimization Research held December 2-3, 2014, with separate PDFs provided of the research papers presented at the meeting.
This working group was created by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to assist in developing NIJ's research program on violent victimization by providing varying perspectives on how to approach this broad topic. This meeting was the first step in the planning process. The four topical areas discussed at the meeting were race and victimization, victim-offenders, special victim populations, and victim services. Participants were also encouraged to add other areas related to violent victimization. After opening remarks, a NIJ representative reported on NIJ's history and next steps in its program of research on violent victimization (included in this report as a separate PDF). This was followed by a paper on "Violent Victimization in the United States: Major Issues and Trends" (separate PDF) and a presentation that examined research on the "Victim-Offender Overlap" (separate PDF), which pertains to the dynamic of how victims of violence become perpetrators of violence. Other research papers presented addressed "Race and Victimization" (separate PDF), "Victimization Among Special Populations: Sexual Minorities (LGBTs)" (separate PDF) and research on "Victimization Among People With Disabilities" (separate PDF). Another presentation examined the "State of Victim Services Research" (separate PDF). Following each of the aforementioned presentations, group discussions focused on the identification of research issues, questions, and gaps. A summary report of the discussions focuses on the prioritization of research issues, questions, and gaps. Appended slide presentations from the various papers

Date Published: December 1, 2014