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TECHBeat, July/August 2015

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Techbeat Dated: July/August 2015 Pages: 1-27
Date Published
August 2015
27 pages
In reporting on developments in technology useful in law enforcement, corrections, and forensic sciences, feature articles in this issue address sexual assault investigation, body-worn cameras, school threat assessment, and mobile ID fingerprint technology.
"Forensic Technology Center of Excellence Promotes Awareness in the Sexual Assault Response Community " reports on a project by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence that focused on systemic challenges that impede the investigation of criminal sexual assaults in the United States. "Resources on Body-Worn Cameras" reports on an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of body-worn cameras for law enforcement officers conducted by the Department of Homeland Security's SAVER (System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders) program. "Virginia Evaluates Threat Assessment Processes" reviews the report entitled "Threat Assessment in Virginia Schools: Technical Report of the Threat Assessment Survey for 2013-2014," which was funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). This research is based on data from a school safety survey conducted annually by the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety. "Mobile ID Fingerprint Technology Can Provide Rapid Results and Improve Officer Safety" reports on the features and benefits of officers in the field having mobile fingerprint devices that collect fingerprints of persons in the field and check them against State and Federal databases in under a minute. This issue also contains a technology news summary.

Date Published: August 1, 2015