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TECHBeat, July/August 2014

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Techbeat Dated: July/August 2014 Pages: 1-20
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July 2014
20 pages

In this issue, feature articles address mobile ID fingerprint technology, the benefits of through-the-wall sensors, allowing the use of cordless phones for inmates, and the use of unmanned aircraft to reconstruct crime and accident scenes.


"Report Provides Insight into Mobile Fingerprint Technology" summarizes a report ("Landscape Study of Mobile ID Fingerprint Devices") by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence regarding issues related to the use of these devices, including case studies of their successful adoption. "Through the Wall Sensors Advance Tactical Awareness" reviews advances in through-the-wall sensor technology, which has improved law enforcement's capability to detect the presence of individuals inside a building from a distance. "Corrections Department Allowing Use of Cordless Phones for Inmates" focuses on the Indiana Department of Correction's policy of allowing inmates to use cordless phones in their cells under the rationale that it stems recidivism and the use of contraband cell phones while contributing to better behavior while incarcerated. After about 2 years of successful operation in a 250-bed general population maximum-security housing unit, the program will be expanded to another 250-bed unit in the same 3,000-bed correctional facility. "Unmanned Aircraft Reconstruct the Scene" explains how the sheriff's office in Mesa County, Colorado, uses small unmanned aircraft coupled with modeling software to produce detailed 3D models that improve the cost-effectiveness of reconstructing crime and highway accident scenes. This issue also includes its usual summary of news related to developments in technology for law enforcement, corrections, and forensic sciences.

Date Published: July 1, 2014