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Survivor Perspectives: Increasing Identification Through Labor Trafficking Outreach

NCJ Number
International Rescue Committee Dated: October 2020
Date Published
October 2020

This video presents a panel discussion on increasing the identification of labor trafficking through outreach by victim services agencies.


The panel discussion presents survivors perspectives on work conditions that qualify as labor trafficking based on ways workers are manipulated and abused financially and emotionally. Panel members are survivors of labor trafficking, and they speak of their experiences of exploitation, such as working overtime without overtime pay, having multiple reasons for deductions from paychecks, failing to meet minimum wage requirements, and ignoring the physical and emotional needs of workers. Panel members address ways to address these abusive labor conditions by outreach activities of victim service providers. Topics discussed include what service providers should know about trafficker misinformation and control techniques, how victim service providers can be more proactive in reaching out to those exploited by employers, and how healthcare providers can be more proactive in assessing for labor trafficking. Other issues addressed in panel discussions are options for ways exploited workers can contact service providers, how employers can be monitored for trafficking practices, and the building of relationships with business owners that enables access to workers and their perceptions of their employment conditions.

Date Published: October 1, 2020