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Survey of State Criminal History Information Systems, 2006

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Date Published
October 2008
158 pages
This survey report, the most comprehensive data available on the collection and maintenance of information by state criminal history record systems, describes the status of such systems and record repositories at yearend 2006.
The presented data serves as the basis for estimating the percentage of total State records that are immediately available through the FBI’s Interstate Identification Index (III), and the percentage that include dispositions. Other data presented include the number of records maintained by each State, the percentage of automated records in the system, and the number of States participating in III, the National Fingerprint File and the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact. The publication also contains information regarding the timeliness of data in State record systems and procedures employed to improve data quality. The report, the ninth in the series that began with 1989 data, updates and expands upon the Survey of State Criminal History Information, 2003, released in February 2006. The current report doubles the 22 data tables that comprised the 2003 report to more deeply explore that evolving criminal history record information environment, covering such new topics as the use of “livescan” electronic fingerprint capture devices, State repository hours of operation and on-site staff, State hosting of publicly accessible, online name-based criminal record information databases, and other topics.

Date Published: October 1, 2008