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Student Threats of Violence Against Teachers: Prevalence and Outcomes Using a Threat Assessment Approach

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Teaching and Teacher Education Dated: 2020
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10 pages

This study examined the use of threat assessment for a Virginia statewide sample of student threats against teachers (n = 226) compared to threats against other students (n = 1,228).


Internationally, student aggression against teachers is a prevalent problem in schools. Student threat assessment is an emerging violence-prevention practice, but its use for threats against teachers has not been investigated. Results of the current study indicate that threats against teachers were less prevalent (15.5 percent) than threats against peers (84.5 percent). Of threats against teachers, 30 percent were classified as serious by the school's threat assessment team, and 5.8 percent were attempted. Implications for school policy and practice and teacher safety are discussed. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2020