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Strategies for Successfully Developing and Disseminating Useful Products From Researcher Practitioner Collaborations, Findings from the Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships Study (RPPS)

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This paper, which was developed from the Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships Study (RPPS), presents recommendations for planning and disseminating useful products from collaborative researcher-practitioner research.
Four recommendations are offered. First, during the development stage of the study, discuss the interim and final products and their intended impact. This facilitates communication, clarifies the expectations of both practitioners and researchers, contributes to the design of a project that will answer questions to be answered in the research, and reduces challenges regarding the dissemination of unexpected findings. Second, ensure that products are developed specifically for the people who have the greatest potential to impact change based on research findings. The researcher and practitioner should decide which person(s) have such influence. Third, develop a dissemination plan that will reach multiple audiences. So that products have the best chance of reaching the intended audience, products should be free and broadly accessible. Some guidelines are provided in this paper for ensuring such broad dissemination. Fourth, write in nontechnical language that is understandable to the target audience. This makes it more likely that the information will be used to shape policy and practice. This objective can be facilitated by having the researcher and practitioner cooperate in developing the content and wording of products to be disseminated to a wide audience. This paper offers guidelines for writing style, product content, and review prior to dissemination. 3 references

Date Published: January 1, 2013